4 comments on “Simplicity&Beauty

  1. Marc Fauvet says:

    mah, beauty can be complex ! :mrgreen:
    those are lovely reels for sure. i saw several of them at the Adelam meet. is someone selling them in Spain ? do you have an average price ? thanks


    • Aitor says:

      Humm, I doubt that what you saw there were the same. Most probably semi-automatic Thinkfish.

      These are Backwinder Sea Trout. Made in Norway. The factory closed some years ago. They were expensive but I love lightness in reels.
      I found the second one in offer two years ago.


      • Marc Fauvet says:

        nope, exact same reel. Carlos and someone else had one. i’d seen them before but forgot the maker.
        sad they went out of business, now they must be at ridiculous prices…


  2. Aitor says:

    Taking into account that you and Carlos were casting with my rod that someone else was me. 🙂

    Well, the price of my second one was ridiculously… cheap 😀


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