Back Cast Training

Practicing the back cast should be a priority for every fly fisher concerned about improving his casting technique. Accuracy placing the fly depends as much on the back as on the forward cast.

And for improving the back cast nothing better than training accuracy: being accurate is a sign of good loops and good tracking. That solves 50% (maybe more) of the problem of being accurate in presenting our fly to the fish.

I am talking about accuracy when tracking is usually related to distance casting. Well, I am not a distance caster, what I want is to develop skills that are practical for my fishing, and my fishing isn’t about distance but about avoiding drag with a dry fly.

Great distance casters recommend to practice tracking by means of picking a distant target for the backcast which is aligned with the forward cast. That assumes that, prior to starting the back cast, you turn your head backwards and focus on the target. Good for distance casting but not for fishing. When fishing a dry fly to medium distances we don’t watch our back cast.

So this is the key of the exercise shown on the following video: presenting the fly accurately with the back cast without watching the target during the casting stroke. Using only the rod hand (without hauling) will be even better.

The target is at a distance of 17 m from my feet.

6 comments on “Back Cast Training

  1. Malik says:

    Excellent exercise and explanations, Aitor,
    Best regards


  2. Aitor says:

    Glad of having you around, Malik. Thanks.


  3. Here in Australia and New Zealand we respect your hard work Aitor. We are very grateful for all your contributions. They are making us becoming better casting instructors.


  4. John Waters says:

    Fully endorse Juan’s comments.


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