Downstream Dry Fly Only

Downstream on river Pliva

Upstream dry fly only, that is the rule stablished in some English chalkstreams by their managers. The rule in the Balkan spring creeks is exactly the opposite: downstream dry fly only, this time imposed by the fish themselves; the only law that incorporates in itself the punishment of frustation of those who violate it.

Nothing like a downstream presentation to deal with a maze of uncountable conflicting currents for a long drag-free drift. Reach casts, pull-back mends and parachute casts, alone or combined, are their ingredients. Still learning how to master it, but isn’t that never-ending learning process the greatness of fly fishing?

4 comments on “Downstream Dry Fly Only

  1. paracaddis says:

    I can watch New Zealand browns getting captured, Tarpon, Milkfish and a lot else and not give in to a sense of jealousy. But that river !!! Now I am jealous, jealous of the beauty, the technical demands of the fishing, jealous of the clarity and the weed growth. Jealous because to me, dryfly fishing on a lovely stream, demanding of technical proficiency and surrounded by the verdant beauty of nature, that is what would blow my hair back, were I to have any hair.. What a gorgeous spot to fish.

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  2. Mark Herron says:

    Divine water mate. Have an intuition you have taken us there before – but running a bit higher and harder. If only I believed in an afterlife…… :^))



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