Too Poetic

Prpa fishing on Pliva river

I have never seen any angler with such a good control of his drag-free drifts as bosnian guide, competition fly fisher and good friend Zeljko Prpic. Be it with a short or long line, all his reach, parachute and check casts are impeccable.

Last June, while he was guiding me on his home waters, I remembered a couple of classes about presentation techniques I had to impart in two weeks time. A perfect opportunity to ask the master himself about which casts he would choose to teach in my case:

There are only two presentation casts, Aitor: upstream and downstream.

My expression of puzzlement made him to consider that he probably had been too laconic, so after a while he added:

Downstream is better.

That was all.
He obviously is in the camp of the fly casting “poets”. Too much of a poet, if you ask me. 😂

I enjoy a lot his visual poetry, though:

8 comments on “Too Poetic

  1. Qui mi piace il lancio che è ben eseguito,ma la cosa che farà la differenza in pesca è quando alla fine alza la linea e la mette nel giusto modo👏👏👏

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  2. Aitor says:

    Dio cane! 😈


  3. ERIC SOULE says:

    Usefull vid Aitor.


  4. Pablo Espinar says:

    Amazing videos, Aitor.

    Pero lo que ya me parece increíble es que desde esa distancia vea una tomada de una ninfa, menuda vista debe tener el tío 🙂

    Un saludo,



  5. Ahí está la maestría, en hacer que parezca tan fácil, sencillo. Algunos no llegaremos ni a acercarnos por muchos años que sigamos en esto 😄

    Muy buen artículo y geniales los vídeos!

    Un saludo,


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