Boring? Are you kidding?

It happened again yesterday. While having a wine with some friends it was mentioned that I like fishing, and even travel far away to practice it.

—Fishing? —said somebody—. It is so boring!

When people hear the word “fishing” what invariably comes to their mind is some guy sitting at the sea shore, listening to some football match in the radio while waiting for hours for any sign of life in the rod planted in front of him.
Trying to explain that the fly fishing approach is exactly the opposite, is normally a waste of time.

What I will do from now on is to keep in my phone this video I shot of my mate Álvaro G. Santillán, to prove that fly fishing can be truly spectacular. Amazing job by an outstanding fisher.
Will it succeed in showing all those laypersons that in fly fishing there is no time to get bored?

2 comments on “Boring? Are you kidding?

  1. Hahah I was talking about it just last week, with a friend, we were going up a river, we couldn’t get on the bank, we walked a mile in the water and among the stones, I turned around and told him, he thinks someone thinks that fishing is boring !!

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  2. Pablo Espinar says:

    Ja,ja,ja, qué buen video, ¡¡sólo le faltó ponerse a bucear!! Para que luego digan que pescar es aburrido…

    Un saludo,

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