Fly Fishing Guides

What makes a great fly fishing guide?

It is not an easy question, and —who knows—, years ago, my answer would have been different. What I think now is that a top guide is that one who is able of turning a bad catching day into a good fishing session. It is all about the experience, and —in my book— that experience is about finding beauty and learning something in the process.

It might be about the history and culture of the country your are visiting; preferred fly patterns; fish behavior; some drinking and bantering; cooking a fantastic steak for dinner; fishing tactics and techniques; politics… who knows? It is an art that goes well beyond fly fishing proficiency.

Thank you, friends, for giving me the opportunity of learning from your art!

Did you see that rise? Prpa. Bosnia. 2011.
Team work. Chris and Varo. New Zealand. 2019.

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