Musings on fly fishing and fly casting

Tim Rajeff during a masterclass at the EWF. Germany

Slack Line

Liquid Crystal Display

Nothing New Under the Sun

To Straighten or Not

Early? Late? Just the Opposite?

Back Cast Training

Some Food for Thought


A Little Exercise

Distance casting? What for?

Normal Nymphing

Relax, Balance, Control

Get some camera!

A Hundred Thousand

Snap it!

Pull Hard Whenever You Can!

If you Tail…

Downstream Dry Fly Only

Single Handed Fly Casting (book review)

Thirty Thousand Views

Tails of Beauty

The-machine-of-the-truth or Why McLean Weigh Nets Rule

Casting “engineers” Have Their Little Hearts Too

Too Poetic

Something For The Technical Minds

Not Even in My Wildest Dreams

Piled Anchors

Bloody L

Is Rotation the Main Element of the Casting Stroke?

Evolution of Our Understanding of the Casting Stroke

Guideline Ambassador

One More Last Cast

Engineers vs. Poets

Stroke Angle

A Rod is a Rod is a Rod

Yes, It Is About Fishing

What He Meant

How to Bend a Rod

The Four Stages of Enlightenment (I): Translation/Rotation

Slipping Anchor

A Big Asset

The Beauty of the Dolphin Nose

New Zealand on my Mind

A Relaxing Activity?

Tailing Loops and the 180º Rule

No tailing loop. Again

Wavy Shapes… and Wavy Shapes

Line Tension

From Toes to Fingers

The Tailing Loop Paradox

What distance should I be looking to achieve?

Strange Loops

Fly Fishing Guides

Style is Substance… Sometimes

Casting Instructor Study Guide


Hump Mend Anyone?

Nothing New Under the Sun II

Stay focused!