Hump Mend Anyone?

It is known by different names depending on the author, Bucket Cast or Hump Mend being the most popular ones. I first read about this technique close to twenty years ago now. At the time I was far from possesing the skills needed, as proved my clumsy first attempts. I used to comfort myself by thinking that its use in practical situations was very limited; but that was just a cheap excuse to avoid some frustrating training sessions.
It isn’t that unusual to find a fish feeding in the slack water upstream of a submerged rock, or in the pocket water behind it, is it? There, a conventional straight line cast leaves the fly line at the mercy of the fastest currents downstream of the fish that will make your fly to drag immediately.

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Slack Line

A hungry backcountry brown

At last! A long and deep pool of gin clear water! After a very long, sweaty hike upstream, where the river looked much more suitable for whitewater sports than for fishing, this was a really relieving view. I started scanning the water in the tail slowly progressing upstream. Nothing. I was close to the head of the pool when I saw the fish: a big brown trout patrolling the slow water in the far bank, lazily taking bites from the full of debris surface

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Too Poetic

Prpa fishing on Pliva river

I have never seen any angler with such a good control of his drag-free drifts as bosnian guide, competition fly fisher and good friend Zeljko Prpic. Be it with a short or long line, all his reach, parachute and check casts are impeccable.

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