Notes on Teaching Fly Casting

“If you choose just one goal for all your students, it would rightly be to make sure the top leg of the loop is very straight; that is most important. Concentrating on that one thing makes instruction and learning much easier. Once they accomplish that, there is rarely anything else to work on but more distance and specialty casts.”

Bruce Richards and Dusty Sprague

Some more interesting ideas can be found in the article Notes on Teaching Fly Casting by Bruce Richards and Dusty Sprague:

The first point in that piece has brought me some mildly embarrassing memories:

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Engineers vs. Poets Revisited

Slow motion filming session. Photo Álvaro G. Santillán

The late Mel Krieger classified casters into two broad groups: engineers and poets. The first group is formed by those who need to know how things work in order to learn them; the other one relies more on feeling and doing those things than in any analytical approach.

Mel didn’t make any qualitative distinction between the two groups; although he himself was a poet instructor, he never dismissed those more inclined to the engineering way of seeing things. In fact he saw both views as equally valuable and complementary.

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