About me

A close to 5 kg brown trout —and a very happy angler—, from a NZ mountain stream

I caught my first trout when I was 12 years old –that is 48 years back in time. A bubble float and a bunch of classic coq de Leon wet flies tricked a 19 cm long wild brown trout; at the time it was a trophy that still lives in my memory. More than twenty years ago I took proper fly fishing. Almost immediately I developed a special interest in fly casting: I soon discovered that keeping tying flies without paying attention to how to present them wasn’t a good idea.

Since then I have been studying casting mechanics in depth, taking classes from first class instructors like Alejandro Viñuales, Bernd Ziesche or Chris Rownes. For several years I was administrator of the Spanish section of the Sexyloops board, regular contributor in casting forums, writer for the Spanish fly fishing magazine Danica and avid consumer of all info —on the net and on paper— regarding fly casting and fly fishing in general.

I translated into Spanish three fly fishing related books: The Cast and Troubleshooting the Cast (both by Ed Jaworowski) and Presentation by Gary Borger.

I passed the Instructor test of the Spanish fly casting certification (PAIL) in 2006, the FFF CI test in 2009, and have been teaching fly casting for around 15 years now.

I have fished in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, USA, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Zambia.

If someone asks me what fly fishing is, the first thing coming to my mind is a spring creek, brown trout and grayling rising to minute mayflies, a #4 weight rod and a long leader with a 7X tippet knotted to a size #22 emerger. Add some good fishing buddie to the mix and that’s heaven.

Aitor Coterón Agorria