Aprender de los errores



Lejos de ser un ejercicio de auto flagelación estas reflexiones se basan en que hay buenos motivos para pensar que se aprende más de los errores que de los éxitos. Mediada la temporada, y con algún importante viaje de pesca a la vista, es el momento de reflexionar sobre algunos fallos para evitarlos en el futuro. Continue reading

When a good loop isn’t enough

A nice and tight loop is normally considered the tell-tale sign of good casting control. However, in spey casting that is only part of the story.
Let’s take a look at the following example: Continue reading

Schrödinger’s Double Haul (an exercise for curious casters)


Hauling is not only a great technique but a very logical one: if we have two hands, why not use both when casting?
High speed cameras are great as well. Now we have them available even in our phone, and they provide better image quality than what an expensive camera did not that long ago. Plenty of opportunities to learn about the nuances of fly casting just by tapping on the screen. Do you want some ideas? Continue reading