Downstream Dry Fly Only

Downstream on river Pliva

Upstream dry fly only, that is the rule stablished in some English chalkstreams by their managers. The rule in the Balkan spring creeks is exactly the opposite: downstream dry fly only, this time imposed by the fish themselves; the only law that incorporates in itself the punishment of frustation of those who violate it.

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La orilla, el viento y otros líos del Spey

Varo en el Gave D’Oloron

Como ya sabemos el rodado dinámico es el alma mater de los lances spey; lo que pretendemos en la ejecución de todos los spey es llegar al inicio del lance delantero con la configuración línea/caña que conseguimos con un rodado dinámico… pero por medio de otras maniobras. Esas diferentes maniobras vienen motivadas por el inconveniente fundamental que presenta el dinámico: no vale para cambiar de dirección. Me explico. Al final de la deriva la mosca se encuentra, lógicamente, en un lugar distinto de aquel en el que la hemos presentado, y en el siguiente lance deberemos presentarla de nuevo en otro punto aguas arriba: tenemos que cambiar de dirección.

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Don’t Drag, my Fly, Drift Free!

Piling the cast for the nymph to drift deep and naturally

Anyone marginally interested in the casting world tends to regard fly casting and distance casting as synonyms. It is the same in fly fishing shows: anglers trying bunches of new rod models with their eyes fixed in the far end of the casting pond; it doesn’t make any difference if they are holding a 9’#9 devised for bonefish in the flats or a 8’6″#4 destined to spring creek finesse. I can’t blame them, in the end most of the visual material available on the net is about putting a fluff as far as possible.

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Early? Late? Just the Opposite?


The dreams of dry fly fishers are populated with big trout confidently sipping our flies from the surface. In my particular case I prefer to dream of a big brown eventually taking some of my tiny emergers, but only after a period of pure disdain interspersed with a number of refusals. There is no pleasure in too easy things. That is why a great fishing day can’t be measured in numbers, or at least not only in them. Continue reading