“I’d recommend any aspiring MCI to read everything they can get theirs hand on, and then question every single thing in those publications, and work out if it is true or not. I haven’t read a single book without faults… but even in the worst books I have found gems worth pondering about.”

Lasse Karlson


“No matter what you think ”advanced fly casting” entails, make no mistake: it is from the devilish details that make up the basic stroke that truly masterful fly casting emerges. No fly-fisher can hope to master the fly rod without first mastering the basic stroke. In some ways, no fly-fisher ever really moves beyond the fundamentals.”

Master the Cast
George V. Roberts Jr.

One of the most useful fly casting quotes ever!

Whatever the technique you are using or distance you are fishing at, if things go wrong get back to the basics! Something I have repeated to myself during my practice this morning.

Something For The Technical Minds

My fly casting library

Some fly casting manuals to reread during the off-season. I have got a couple more in digital format.

All of them have, at least, one interesting insight to absorb; a few of them have a lot to distill from. Some are good for you to check your knowledge of fly casting mechanics by filtering the wrong concepts.

Always enjoyable to read them again.