Follow Me, Please!




Forward phase of an oval cast. Photo by Álvaro G. Santillán


Look, if you just let your arm drop by effect of gravity, you send the fly ten meters away effortlessly and accurately.”

That is my way of showing how easy it is to make a pick up and lay down cast—elbow forward style— at the most usual trout fishing distances. However, something comes to my mind in those instances, something that I never say to my student:
If it is so easy, why did it take me so much time, effort and frustration to do it properly?” Continue reading

¡No es el arco, no es la flecha… es el indio!

New Rod

Aquí van unas pocas reflexiones a vuelapluma sobre los efectos del bucle y la acción de la caña en la delicadeza de las presentaciones de nuestra mosca. Me ha inducido a reflexionar sobre el tema un comentario que encontré casualmente en internet, y que decía, más o menos, lo siguiente:
Para pescar con mosca ahogadas no hay que usar una caña rápida, secaría la mosca; lo mismo sucede si se hacen bucles estrechos, los bucles deben ser anchos.” Continue reading

Something For The Technical Minds



My fly casting library


Some fly casting manuals to reread during the off-season. I have got a couple more in digital format.

All of them have, at least, one interesting insight to absorb; a few of them have a lot to distill from. Some are good for you to check your knowledge of fly casting mechanics by filtering the wrong concepts.

Always enjoyable to read them again.


Too Poetic



I have never seen any angler with such a good control of his drag-free drifts as bosnian guide, competition fly fisher and good friend Zeljko Prpic. Be it with a short or long line, all his reach, parachute and check casts are impeccable. Continue reading

Get Prepared!



On the dry fly. First cast. Photo by Chris Dore

I see it all the time. I mean being ill-prepared for your upcoming trip abroad, specially regarding the proper casting skills to match the challenge ahead. I myself have been guilty of it more times than I would like to admit. Frustration —highly aggravated by a depleted bank account— awaits ahead. Continue reading