The Four Stages of Enlightenment (I): Translation/Rotation




One of the greatest things about fly fishing, in comparison with other sporting activities, is that it can be practiced through our whole life; old age not really being a serious obstacle. In fact one of my fishing buddies is 70+ years old now, and it takes some serious effort to follow his rhythm on the river. Paradoxically, aging as a fly fisher is a sort of advantage, as it is the passing of years what makes our experience and technical abilities grow.

I think that, apart from extreme distance presentations, the same is applicable to fly casting, an activity in which you never stop learning and improving. In my view, along this path there are some significant milestones, like steps in the ladder of proficiency. Thinking about it I distinguish four of these “stages of enlightenment”. There are probably more, and you surely will have your own list if you reflect about it; feel free to comment your views.

So let’s go with the first stage of enlightenment. Continue reading

Guideline Spey 2018




Tengo el placer de anunciar el primer encuentro Guideline dedicado a la técnica Spey. Este evento nace con vocación de periodicidad anual, y pretende reunir a todos los aficionados a la pesca con mosca que sientan curiosidad sobre las técnicas Spey —tanto para cañas de una mano como de dos— y quieran asesorarse en directo con reconocidos expertos en la materia.

La marca escandinava Guideline es puntera en el mundo en cuanto al diseño y el volumen de su oferta de líneas pensadas específicamente para lanzar Spey. En este encuentro tendremos ocasión de probar a pie de río una selección de sus cañas, carretes y líneas; una oportunidad única, pues, de resolver todas nuestras dudas en relación a los materiales, sus usos y cómo escoger el más adecuado a nuestras necesidades.

Al celebrarse el evento a pie de río, habrá demostraciones prácticas de técnicas Spey tanto para cañas de dos manos (enfocadas fundamentalmente a la pesca del salmón al swing), así como para cañas de una mano (pesca a streamer, ninfa o incluso seca).

Contaremos con la presencia de:

  • Chris Rownes (representante de Guideline):

Uno de los instructores de lanzado más reconocidos a nivel mundial; técnica espectacular y estética única. Pescador con amplia experiencia en destinos de todo el mundo.


  • Fabrice Bergues (Guideline Power Team):

Pescador y guía de prestigio internacional. Creo que antes de que le salieran los dientes de leche ya había cogido más de un salmón en su Gave D’Oloron natal, que conoce tan bien como su propia casa.


  • Álvaro González Santillán (Guideline Power Team):

Pescador, guía, fotógrafo y videógrafo excepcional. Pasa más tiempo mojado que en seco, especialmente en sus ríos cantábricos, que no guardan ningún secreto para él.


  • Aitor Coterón (Guideline Ambassador):

Dado el nivel del elenco con el que contamos a lo máximo que puedo aspirar es a llevarles los cafés o las cervezas. Ayudaré en lo que pueda.

Lugar: Río Oria a su paso por Andoain, Gipuzkoa

Fecha: Domingo 28 de Octubre de 2018

Horario: A partir de las 09:00 horas

Precio: Gratuito (no incluye la comida y bebida al finalizar la parte técnica).



Yes, It Is About Fishing


Does she fish or just cast (beautifully)? 

It would be interesting to see if all that technical casting ability also amounted to catching ability.


I read the comment above in a forum the other day. It is in reference to Maxine McCormick’s amazing casting prowess —Maxine is a 14 year old girl with several world records in fly casting under her belt!!


I have heard that argument many times before around here. In my view it misses the point because the question that matters is:

If my technical ability were as good as that of Maxine, would it improve my catching ability and my overall enjoyment of fly fishing?

And the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY!!!

A Rod is a Rod is a Rod



A double hand rod, equally suitable for Spey casting or overhead casting, as any other fly rod in fact.


Yesterday a beginner fly fisher with tennis elbow problems was asking for advice on gear. His #7 weight rod was too painful to use.

I offered him to try a bunch of my rods, and specially some double hand ones to see if they make any difference with his ailment —adding that the real cure is in improving casting technique in the first place. He replied: —But I don’t want to get into the water and those rods ask for that, don’t they?

Obviously he was referring to Spey casting. Then I explained that the casting technique you use is independent of the rod you are casting with. Continue reading

Stroke Angle



Photo by Álvaro G. Santillán


As an enthusiastic reader and book lover I am not very fond of electronic books. Most probably it is a lost battle but I still enjoy the smell and feel of printed paper. The majority of my more than a hundred books on fly fishing are on paper, although, since electronic books have their advantages too, I started purchasing them as well time ago.

One of my latest adquisitions was Jason Borger’s Single Handed Fly Casting, which Jason himself kindly sent to me. Jason’s work is a refreshing new approach and a brilliant start to a change of paradigm in fly casting. Continue reading