Harvey Penick on Grip

“I heard one of the pros say:
—Look at Harvey. He holds the club like it is a fine musical instrument.

That is how a golf club feels to me: like a fine musical instrument…

… Sam said, “I don’t have any callouses”. Sam said he holds the club as if it is a live bird in his hands, with just enough pressure that the bird can’t fly away but not so tightly that the bird can’t breath.”

The Wisdom of Harvey Penick
Harvey Penick and Bud Shrake

Don’t get into golf! You will get hooked on it! I know you!

That was what a fishing buddy told me some years ago. I followed his advice.

A good golf swing has a lot of allure; not only that, it has some resemblance to our casting stroke as well.

Time ago I found mentioned on the net some famous golf coach named Harvey Penick. It was claimed that Penick’s writings about teaching were very applicable to fly casting instruction. I bought a compendium of his musings that now shows a good number of paragraphs underlined in red. Very pleased of having taken a second look to them today, observing again that some of his insights are, indeed, very useful.

And here is master Chris Rownes putting that advice into practice. He told me that this trick was originally devised by Robert Gillespie. Absolutely brilliant!

2 comments on “Harvey Penick on Grip

  1. stoatstail50 says:

    It’s good advice so long as the bird isn’t an Emu


  2. Bianchetti Ivan says:

    Si bello,specialmente quando hai le mani bagnate e fa un freddo bestiale non voglio trovarmi senza dita😔


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