Piled Anchors


Those who follow my videos already know that I am very fond of bead chains. They provide an easy way of making interesting experiments and you can learn a lot by playing with them.

The experiment below is one of my favorites. It is about the implications of a piled anchor on a spey cast. The corollary? Two things: Continue reading

De nuevo en las termas




Decía que ayer bajé al río un par de horas por la tarde, después de comprobar en la página de la Confederación que el nivel estaba con 120 m3/s. y llevaba todo el día así, cosa rarísima. Bajé igual, aunque esperaba que de un momento a otro me lo subieran y tuviera que salir de allí. La cuestión era hacer ejercicio y, sobre todo, estar con los pies en el agua. Continue reading

When a good loop isn’t enough

A nice and tight loop is normally considered the tell-tale sign of good casting control. However, in spey casting that is only part of the story.
Let’s take a look at the following example: Continue reading

Anchor Loading the Rod?




A fishing roll cast: look at the lack of tension in the fly leg of the D-loop

I was trying hard to follow exactly what I had been reading on all those books. The roll cast was an easy one —authors said— in fact easier than an overhead cast because you get rid of the backcast part. However, when practicing it my results were awful, to say the least. Continue reading