Liquid Crystal Display

The garden

Beauty is what fly fishing is about, isn’t it?

Hatch in progress. A quartering dowstream cast to a good brown trying to get a drag-free drift in the tricky currents of a Bosnian chalkstream. The fly falls short of the target but the trout moves half a meter to its right to inspect the size #22 Shuttlecock Emerger. The fly is, apparently, right; obviously the drift is not. I get a well deserved refusal.

Three more casts get the fly drifting freely above the trout’s head. It couldn’t care less. Fourth good drift and the fish opens its mouth with confidence. Trout are a mistery. Fortunately.

Not the biggest fish of the season nor the most difficult, but beautiful. For several reasons.

Fly fishing is a permanent search of beauty, isn’t it?

6 comments on “Liquid Crystal Display

  1. Marc Fauvet says:

    i very much agree with your “permanent search for beauty” Aitor, to the point where ‘just taking it all in’ and the camera and binoculars are becoming just as important as the fly rod… 😉


  2. Iñigo says:

    I love the way you express what you feel when you are fishing. It is pretty clear that is your favourite hobby, your distraction, your obsession…. Summing up, your life.
    Nice article Aitor!!


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