“Yet with any grip, it is possible to hold the rod too tightly. One old saying recommends holding the rod as if holding a bird in the hand, tightly enough to keep it from escaping, but not so tight as to squeeze it.”

Guide to Better Fly Casting
Al Kyte

6 comments on “Grip

  1. paracaddis says:

    I find that clients “overgripping” can be very difficult to spot, generally a predisposition to an arcing convex deliver stroke and a total lack of translation. It is very difficult to add sufficient translation to the cast when holding the rod too tightly. It is also impossible to add that final acceleration just before RSP. I suspect that many of the faults or flaws which we try to “diagnose and treat” stem from holding the rod too tightly and without remedying that part of the error it proves almost impossible to get the casting stroke to where you would like it. It perhaps becomes most apparent when roll casting, those who grip too tightly find roll casting almost impossible. They cannot generate sufficient “snap” with a tight grip. Also almost all , if not all good casters, do not hold the rod consistently firmly, but vary the grip strength through the duration of the cast, gripping moderately tightly only at the “stop”.. I never hear anyone teach that. ?

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  2. Mark Surtees says:

    All the clues to overgrip can be found in your initial conversation with a caster and spotted pretty much as soon as they get hold of the rod and cast. Thumb up is a big hint for starters, possible whitening at the knuckles and if you look at the palm of the hand after a few false casts the pads of the fingers will be flattened and have a clear white red contrast. There is no need to ask them to imagine holding anything, I give them an egg or a chocolate miniroll….keeps it real…minirolls are best because your client can eat them afterwards.

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  3. paracaddis says:

    Boo Hooo… we don’t get chocolate mini rolls in SA 😦 Great idea though

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  4. Mark Surtees says:

    Want me to send you some ? 🙂


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