Yes, It Is About Fishing

Does she fish or just cast (beautifully)? It would be interesting to see if all that technical casting ability also amounted to catching ability.

I read the comment above in a forum the other day. It is in reference to Maxine McCormick’s amazing casting prowess —Maxine is a 14 year old girl with several world records in fly casting under her belt!!


I have heard that argument many times before around here. In my view it misses the point because the question that matters is:

If my technical ability were as good as that of Maxine, would it improve my catching ability and my overall enjoyment of fly fishing?

And the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY!!!

8 comments on “Yes, It Is About Fishing

  1. flyslinger says:

    Her belt 😉
    And its amazing how scared egos look for excuses🤦‍♂️ being better has never been a downside in anything.

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  2. andrewparkeruk says:

    Damn right it would.

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  3. jasonborger says:

    I have yet to fish anywhere and say to myself, “Self, you are just too good at casting.” Give me a great caster who has never fished and we’ll still be able go forth and conquer. Give me a short-line-only angler who can’t cast and I’ll happily take them tarpon fishing, just for the LOLZ. As for those trolling Maxine, well…if you gotta troll the world champ (who just happens to be a 14yo girl), I’m not sure what to say to you. Actually, I am sure, but I’m just not going to write it here.

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  4. Mark Herron says:

    On the question posted in the UK forum. Ugh. Don’t know whether to cringe more on behalf on my species or my gender.

    On your question, however, another perspective. Is our fishing experience enhanced merely by the elimination of frustration or uncertainty? Might be a “be careful what you wish for” situation?

    Oh and in passing. Maxine’s casting, phenomenal as it is so obviously, is actually not what I would call “beautiful”. Expression is more than execution. Really look forward to watching her cast in say, another 10 years, if I am still around to see it.


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  5. boisker says:

    Unfortunately there are idiots the world over, the U.K. forum is no exception… in fact it possibly has a higher ratio!

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