A whole day devoted to the big ones. Failure: some missed takes and a couple of them felt for just a second; it seems that when they close their mouth it is already late.I can’t blame the river spirits, it was entirely my fault.
Best one was 1 Kg; he only responded to perfect drift after perfect drift after perfect drift of a #24 olive dun. With so many natural insects going down the current, why should it be interested in my fly?

Shot with a GoPro and edited on the fly with PS Express for iPad. It isn’t tinted or over saturated, as you can check by the (more or less) natural color of the fingertips. Beauty.

2 comments on “Beauty

  1. Beauty of a photograph. I am curious as to what camera or cameras you use to capture videos of fly line so well. You mention on your about page that you found an inexpensive camera that takes videos when you began this journey. I’m wondering what that was. Thank you.


    • Aitor says:

      Hi there!
      Well, as time goes by more and more devices are capable of shooting high speed video, now even phones.
      My first HS camera was a biggish Casio. It shoots up to 1.200 frames per second, the problem is that the higher the speed the smaller the image size. I used it for some years shooting at 300 fps, which is more than enough for the purpose of analyzing casting. In fact is too much as I corroborated when starting to use a new camera at 120 fps: the result is slow enough and the image much bigger, being more informative in that way.
      This camera is a Panasonic LX7, very compact, with a wide angle lens (24 mm equivalent in full frame), f 1.4, which is rare in a compact and very useful in low light, and with very good image quality.
      Anyway to make the fly line stand out of the background is more about technique than equipment. 😉Maybe I hould write something about that.



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