New Zealand on my Mind

Visiting New Zealand is in the dreams of every fly fisher. Traveling there for the first time doesn’t relieve the itch. In fact, you can’t wait to get back!

Not an easy feat, to be honest, as money and spare time are hurdles difficult to overcome.

But, when more than a year ago I received an invitation from Chris Dore for some fishing in the South Island, I decided that it was time to jump those hurdles. So almost two years after my first trip to the sight-fishing paradise, I was there again.

Not to mention those steaks! Well deserved after a hard fishing day

Chris’ knowledge of his waters is encyclopedic (if you are planning a visit to NZ and want a guide don’t think twice, this is your man!), so we took advantage of his advice.

Chris and Varo discussing the fishing plan for the following weeks

So there we go!

A few weeks of fishing are waiting

Cold, wind, rain… a very particular summer in Fiordland. Photo by Álvaro G. Santillán

Anyway, not cold enough to ruin some evening hatches. A double on some very small emergers. Photo by Álvaro G. Santillán

There is more to fishing than catching trout. A stingray that ate a big streamer

New Zealand fishing isn’t about the numbers (although there were some memorable days in that regard); definitely it is about the size of the trout, but also about the pristine landscape and, above all, the sense of solitude. Specially the latter. Something almost impossible to experience in Europe anymore.

A few last casts before the storm

Now, back at home, it is time for the memories… and for dreaming of New Zealand again!

Thanks to Chris and Varo for their company and advice: I have learnt a lot.

And last but not least, thanks to the trout that were kind enough of coming to the net, and specially to those that avoided it due to my clumsiness —every one of them taught me a lesson.

Some three hundred meters running after this brown. What a fight!

6 comments on “New Zealand on my Mind

  1. paracaddis says:

    Wonderful Aitor, It is indeed a very special place..

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  2. Pablo Espinar says:

    Seems to be a lovely trip!! Thank you for sharing some notes of it.

    Un saludo,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Estupendo post Astor….I live in Lyttelton on the South Island & relish every day I am here…lived for 2 years In Hondarribia in the Basque Country (2015-2017) and enjoyed quite a few Spanish rivers…

    Liked by 1 person

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